Thursday, December 14, 2006


I've been on a taste-test campaign lately, seeking the best tasting coffee to be had at the local grocery. I had this idea that the price didn't necessarily correspond to the best taste. I also decided to stick to ground coffee, even though I know that grinding your own beans would elevate the taste. I just don't wake up enough to be able to handle another chore in the morning, even the grinding of coffee beans.

First and foremost, all tests are done by making a full percolator of coffee. It just doesn't work to make coffee in smaller portions. Keeping in mind the following is my personal, humble, non-objective opinion, here is the tally so far:

Folger's isn't as bad as little brother thinks. It's at the high end of average.

Maxwell House, ditto.

Seattle's Best is yummy. I'm a little partial to Henry's Blend. Expensive, though, at the rate I guzzle the stuff.

Starbuck's is good, but since the price is about the same, I'll take Seattle's Best.

Stewart's I tried because it comes in a can with a Scottish tartan design, which appealed to my genealogical bent. I would put it at the low end of average.

Melitta. Ick. Bleah. Sucks. First can I was tempted to dump before I finished it. Gag.

Paul Newman's Gourmet Coffee. Average. At least it helps charitable causes, which makes it a little more palatable than feeling like I'm padding some CEO's Christmas bonus.

The quest continues.

From a slightly different angle, I've recently purchased a home espresso machine so I can indulge in lattes whenever the mood hits. I was so pleased to realize that I could enjoy a latte on my diet with no guilt. (It's a sacrifice to have to avoid milk and use cream or half-and-half, but one does what one must to toe the diet line.) A packet of Splenda added in and it's dessert in a big cup. So far I've used Alessi regular and decaf espresso roast and it is umm-umm-good. Of course with the Splenda and cream added in, the Melitta might even taste good, so it's hard to give an unqualified rating.

Don't bother telling me I should cut down on coffee. I've done all this testing on no more than two cups of coffee a day, with the odd latte thrown in about twice a week. My quest is to make those two cups of coffee a day the best possible.

And finally, whatever the dreck is that we have at work is at the very bottom of the heap. We've gone through several coffee services and the one thing they all have in common is the worst tasting coffee in the universe. Think dirty socks steeped in stagnant water. I really don't understand how they manage it.


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