Monday, October 23, 2006

Just Call Me a Flapper

The diet is working. I'm down 14 pounds to date. While I don't feel much different, it is hard to miss the fact that my slacks are all beginning to bag and flap in the breeze. These are slacks that just two months ago were beginning to feel a bit snug for comfort. I've moved down one size and teetering at the small edge of that one. It won't be long before I have to go shopping again. (Woe is me!)

I'm preparing for a weeklong cruise in the very near future and it's been a challenge to put together the trip wardrobe. Clothes I bought last month expressly for the cruise are almost too big now. I'm wearing them anyway. People will just have to wonder.

About 200 genealogists are gathering together in Orlando for a week's cruise on the high seas, with stops in the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands, interspersed with presentations by some very prominent professional genealogists during the days at sea between ports. Yes, it's another genealogy trip, but no dusty archives this time. Probably not even one cemetery stop, though we are taking a tour of Blackbeard's castle so we might get to see a ghost or two.

Tonight I did the cooking for a week's worth of dog meals to fill the freezer. Little brother refuses to cook for the little people, and they won't eat canned food. So I made a mountain of boiled chicken tonight and then shredded it and bagged it. I'm a good mommy and I feel guilty already.

Boo Cat was enthralled with the smells. He wound around my feet until I gave up and gave him a small piece. A monster was created. He loved the stuff and he wanted MORE. To emphasize his desire, he took a flying leap up my leg and buried his claws in my upper thigh. It definitely got my attention. I explained to the little toot that his approach needed work, while trying to stanch the flow of blood down my leg.

To save myself from further damage, I tossed a few scraps in the floor. A few minutes later you would have thought that a tiger was protecting its kill. Scout had made a move to sample one of the chicken pieces and Boo let out a growl worthy of inhabitants of the Serengeti. So I had to toss a few more scraps in the floor for her. I think I am seeing the writing on the wall with those two. It's only a matter of time before I'm cooking for the cats, too.

So the countdown is on. The suitcases are out and the dogs are giving me the cold shoulder. I'm in the pre-vacation mode where everything at the office is making me completely nuts. (I would much rather be at home packing my baggy clothes than dealing with the day to day aggravations.) Lord, give me strength to get through this week.


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