Monday, October 02, 2006

Conquering Everest

I really am going to get off the kitten posts in the near future. It's just so darned hard not to think that everything they do is exceptionally cute.

I've lost two cats in the last two years to what was probably coyote snackfests. When I committed to take on these two little guys, I decided that they would be henceforth and forever inside cats. With that in mind, I got online and roamed around until I discovered what looked to be like the perfect kitty tree. It was a bit pricey, but I wanted them to be happy as indoor cats. I first set it up in Mother's room, thinking it would be some entertainment for her. The kittens were not interested. They wanted to be in the living area where the more active members of the family were congregating. David and I decided that if I were to get my money out of the thing, we would have to acquiesce and move it to the living room.

One day is all it took for them to conquer their timidity. When I came in today, they were well in residence.

Xana is not at all convinced that the babies are safe on their lofty perches. She frets and grunts until they decide to come back to earth.

But the babies are indifferent to her concerns. They have come to the mountain and mastered its uppermost height. Their world has expanded and they are in charge.


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