Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Boom, Boom, Ain't it Great to be Crazy?

I'm beginning to wonder about my sanity.

For one thing, I was rechecking the details of my upcoming vacation and realized that I must have been drunk when I made the flight reservations. For some reason I booked a flight that leaves at 6:00 AM. What was I thinking? We've decided we will have to spend the previous night at a hotel close to the airport or there's no bloody way we're going to get there in time.

And then there's the issue of the kittens. The little toots are turning the house upside down. This morning as I was attempting to work on my laptop upstairs, I spent the better part of two hours removing one or the other from either the laptop keyboard, the phone, the tv remote or my leg. As fast as I would get one untangled and removed, the other one would be latching on. As soon as I would convince one of them to stop chewing the power cord, the other would be attacking Mojo and starting a big dog-cat fight all around the bedroom. Anything moveable is repeatedly nudged off into the floor. They are alert to anything I am eating or drinking and do their best to sneak into my glass or plate to check on whether it might be a kitty treat. They are a yellow and black and white blur of activity.

And then, just as you think you can't stand another minute of their devilment, they fall over into a dead sleep, purring and snuggling against me. Who can resist sleeping babies?

No doubt about it, I've completely lost my mind.


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