Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Read the Label

I decided that today's lunch called for a serving of Central Market Tortilla Soup. I do so love the stuff, but I try to hold it down to one, at the most two, servings per month. The soup itself isn't so bad in the calorie department, but the cheese and tortilla chips push it into the "be careful" zone. It is larrupin', I kid you not.

After filling my to-go cups with soup, I ducked across the aisle to pick up a little something sweet to complete the meal. I decided on a chocolate frosted brownie. And back to the office I went.

The meal at my desk proceeded despite numerous interruptions and I licked the soup bowls clean. Absentmindedly I started nibbling on the brownie as I worked.

There used to be a "sponsor" on the Prairie Home Companion show that sold a hot sauce that was pronounced something like "ah-hoo-ah!". That being the sound one would make when the heat got to you. I had eaten three or four bites of the brownie when I felt compelled to utter "ah-hoo-ah!".

"What the?", I thought. I came to the conclusion that for some reason the soup's heat was still with me and wasn't mixing well with the chocolate. I drank a good long swig of water and tried again. "Ah-hoo-ah!" I said after three or four bites. That dang brownie was HOT.

That's when I finally read the label. Turns out that this is Hatch Chile month at Central Market and my brownie was laced with the stuff. Explains the cute little green chile icing shape on the top. Duh.

It's really not that bad, once you know what's going on.


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jen said...

you crack me up~