Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Once Upon a Time

This picture was once a most embarrassing moment. I remember being horrified when the picture was taken and I dreaded when it would pop up on those nights when slides were shown against the wall. I was a modest little thing back then. (But cute, huh?)

I have so very few pictures taken inside my grandparents' house. Most of what I do have are slides that have turned red. But with a little digital editing, I can almost remember what the real colors of the wallpaper were. The droopy drawers photo above was taken in the back bedroom.

In the living room was a fireplace. My grandfather would get up early on cold mornings and build a roaring fire. The picture of me and my parents was just to the left of that fireplace, while the photo below shows the menfolks busy. I think they were trying out a game that one of us kids got for Christmas.

And in the kitchen, the womenfolk doing the dishes.

Finally, the photo that I was looking for that started this trip down memory lane. In a conversation tonight with my uncle and cousin, I was reminded of a time when somebody rashly gave little brother a drum for Christmas. This photo is a reminder that love suffereth long and is kind.

This is fun. I think I am going to have to dig in the archives and find some more examples of that old house. Good times and good people. Good memories.


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