Saturday, July 22, 2006

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Well, not quite night. It was a dark and stormy afternoon. About 3 o'clock this afternoon a little storm cell settled right over our house and put on a fireworks show. My puppies, 'til now unaffected by thunderstorms, were unsettled by the loss of electricity and the ear-popping noises coming through the roof. They are probably thinking that Xana was right all along. Xana heads for the end of Gran's shower to ride out the mildest of thunderstorms. The puppies have always taken Mommy's word for there being nothing to worry about. Until today.

The storm having rattled it's fiercest and dumped a heavy 20-minute rain has finally moved along. The puppies have snuggled into bed with their Gran for a recuperative nap.

Poor dogs have had a rough day. Late last night Mojo had a major nightmare and woke us all screaming with fright. In his terror, he emptied his little bladder all over the foot of the bed. We were forced to move to the guest room for the remainder of the night.

Easier said than done. Xana was fine with the idea, but the puppies had no idea that they could sleep in a strange bed. It took a good half-hour of snuffling the entire bed before they could settle down and get back to a restless sleep. We're crossing our fingers that tonight will be an uneventful one. We all need the rest.

To backtrack a couple of days, let me briefly report on a dedication ceremony I attended on Thursday night. Over the past year, the Bastrop County Historical Society has done some restoration and improvement projects at Fairview Cemetery. This was the dedication of those projects and also of a new historical marker that designates Fairview Cemetery as a Texas Historic Cemetery. All of the local dignataries were present, including our local State Representative Robbie Cook. The ceremonies were conducted from the new pavilion, built from local rock.

The good-sized crowd sat under a large tree, enjoying a cool breeze and the opportunity to visit with neighbors and city council members.

The ceremony was well executed, the new historic marker unveiled, and the community has a newly refurbished cemetery to be proud of. One of the restored areas that is of particular interest is the War Babies section. (Follow the link here to see the photos I've entered in Find A Grave.) This section of the cemetery was donated by the city during World War II for the burial of babies born to wives of the soldiers stationed at Camp Swift who did not have the wherewithal to bury those babies that did not survive.

It's projects like these that make me proud to be a member in good standing of the Bastrop County Historical Society. This group of people is doing a good job.


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