Friday, July 07, 2006

Cindy is My Name, Blogging is My Game

Ok, it's taken me two days to crawl off my soapbox. I'll try to avoid politicizing for a little while.

April Fool! In case you need to start planning for the next governor's race, you can mosey over to and pick up a bumper sticker. He cannot possibly be a worse choice than the dunderhead that's doing the job now. As the slogan goes, "Why the hell not?". At least Kinky would put some personality into the office. (Damn, I miss Ann.)

In other news, I finally figured out how to list links on my blog page, so if you look at the bottom of the column to the left, you can find a few links to blogs that I read regularly.

Anytime you need a good reason to go "Awwww", try Cute Overload. 'Nuf said. You visit, you'll be hooked.

Electic Mind is a blog I happened onto awhile back that is written by another lady in a care-giving situation. That's not all she writes about, but it's why I started reading her blog. Sisters in a similar situation, dontcha know.

Yarn Harlot is a new find and probably won't appeal to anybody who hasn't fed a yarn habit in their lifetime. But if you knit or crochet, this gal is a hoot. And I'm unofficially considering her family since her name includes "McPhee".

Induljence is an intermittently updated blog by a former co-worker. She starts every post with a photo of her newly adopted home, New York City. The pictures alone are worth the visit. She's got a gift for photography.

For now we end the list with brother David's Raidho Flyer and if you think I'm politically opinionated, you ain't seen nuthin' yet.

That's all for now. TGIF, double.


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