Thursday, June 29, 2006

No Guts, No Glory

I'm still driving to work via Elgin this week. My eldest four legged daughter is a sick little puppy right now and has been getting daily treatments at the vet clinic. We established a relationship with the Elgin Veterinary Hospital many years ago when Nipper came into the family and we still prefer the doctors there. It's a little inconvenient, considering that there are now many veterinary clinics here in Bastrop to choose from, but I have a good relationship with the doctors in Elgin and I want my babies to see doctors I trust.

So every morning I have been dropping her off on the way to work and every evening I've been making a late trip to pick her up so she doesn't have to spend the night in hospital. She's a lot happier tonight because the catheter through which she's been getting IV fluids has finally been removed. The bad news is she still has to go there tomorrow for additional blood work to see if she's responding to the treatments. We are cautiously optimistic.

It's been interesting to see the reactions from Coco and Mojo. Coco cried when we left the first day and reportedly spent the day feeling like a little boat adrift without her anchor. Mojo was more of the opinion that there was no reason why she got to go to work with Mommy and he didn't. But they both caught on quickly that Xana is seeing the doctor and have been very happy to see her come in every evening. While they usually howl for 10 minutes if I leave without them, they've been very good when I leave late in the day and tell them I'm going to pick up Xana. They've stayed quiet and behaved themselves until I get back. (Better yet, their gran has been behaving herself and staying quiet and out of mischief until I get back.)

It's been a rough week with all the extra driving, especially since that last trip to and from Elgin is in rush hour traffic on a 2-lane road and people around here drive like maniacs when it's quitting time. The upcoming 4-day weekend couldn't come along at a better time.

But there's been one smile every morning when I swing off Highway 95 to Highway 290. A new sign for Meyer's Bar-B-Q declares "You'll Love Our Guts!" Elgin's crowning glory. Long may they sizzle.


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