Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Rare Appearance

It's been dry in these parts for so long that I was somewhat taken aback to see rain lillies popping up all over the neighborhood. And not just the single one here and there, but clusters of them all over. And not the tiny ones I remember, but with flowers almost 3-4 times bigger than normal.

The lily family mystifies me. The lady who owned my previous home before me had planted the yard with bulbs of every kind of iris and lily you can imagine. I lived there 12 years and every spring brought surprises. Bulbs may sprout every spring like clockwork, and then suddenly lie dormant for years. Even in the last year I lived there I was seeing flowers that I had not seen before. You have to wonder what special circumstances combine to cause life to remain hidden for so long and then to suddenly spring forth with a renewed vigor.

I love living in quasi-country and having enough wild area around me to be able to appreciate these special messages from nature. One day you wake up to a beautiful flower that has sprung from a dry, dusty, rocky bed. There's hope for the day.


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