Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Now We Are One

Thursday Mojo will be 1 year old. Coco turned 1 year old on March 24th. No longer puppies. Well, not quite. Rat terriers are full of puppy bounce for at least 3 years. These two are certainly still full of bounce. They wear me out sometimes.

In honor of their birthdays, I went to WalMart today and invested in a set of Doggy Steps. I'm sure you've seen them on TV. An aid to help little and infirm dogs get to where they need to get. In our case, I thought it might be nice if I didn't have to lift them into bed a dozen times every evening before they finally crash for the night.

Silly me. I put the steps together and put them against the bed. And they are scared spitless of them. I patiently "walked" each of them up the steps a couple of times, thinking they just needed to get the idea. Mojo started skirting around me, cowering. Xana took off downstairs. Coco just looked at me like I'd lost my ever-loving mind. Apparently they consider that I've brought evil into the house and are now avoiding the end of the bed where the steps live. Oy.

The house is a lot different this April from the same time last year. Tomorrow also marks the first year of Bebop's passing. I still feel his presence from time to time and I really think he personally picked Mojo for his replacement. They are just too much alike. Coco is a little jewel, too. They were just what I needed to get over the pain of losing Bebop.

Come to think of it, Bebop would have refused to use the Doggy Steps, too. Not because he was afraid of them, but because he would have considered it beneath him. Why exert energy when you have a perfectly good slave to lift you whereever you wish?

Just who is training whom?


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