Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Drawing to a Close

Well, we are back safe and sound in Indianapolis. We will be flying out early in the morning. We spent the day driving slowly north on country roads. Our intentions had been to visit some of the local craft stores advertising Amish wares. We did visit one, the Black Buggy Restaurant and store. It sold Amish made elixirs and spice compounds, as well as luscious looking pies and breads. We picked up a few postcards and a couple of books and figured we would wait and see what else was available.

Turns out that we are slightly ahead of the tourist season and there just wasn't much to see. We did stop at Knepp's Restaurant, which served a buffet of food that was fantastic. It was like Thanksgiving at Grandma's House. Perfectly fried chicken, homemade bread, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, sweet corn, corn souffle, salads, soups and a slice of pie. Yummy.

On the way through the country, we passed three different buggies of Amish folk and we saw lots of immaculate farms. That was our Amish experience in Indiana.

Only one picture today. Yours truly, in front of the Black Buggy Cafe, resting on the bench posted for "Democrats Only". After a week in these parts, I am wondering if anyone else has ever sat here.


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