Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Curse Words & Profanity

Today was one of those days that you realize too late that you should have crawled back under the covers and stayed there. I should have known when I awoke suddenly at 4AM and couldn't get back to sleep.

I should have known when, after putting in an hour's worth of work between 7 and 8 AM, I suddenly discovered that the data base I was updating had portions of it that had been scrambled since I last worked on it.

Well, my chiropractic appointment went well. And my hair cut turned out well. I figured the tide had turned.

Yeah, right. As soon as I got back online with the office network, the cow do hit the fan. Files went splat, clients got upset, an ongoing item stuck in my craw dug in a little deeper and the cat threw up. I worked the required amount of time to put in my full day and pulled the plug.

It didn't take long for me to decide to run out for a bucket of chicken and avoid the inevitable kitchen fire. I headed first for the bank to get some money. I drove through the ATM line, only to find that the ATM machine was down. I drove a big circle around the bank and got into a line to cash a check. That accomplished, I headed out, decided I had better make sure I got the right amount of cash, discovered I had been given $50 too much and made another big circle around the bank, waited for the guy ahead of me to get done, and returned the $50, and made another big circle around the bank and headed out toward KFC.

It was another circus act at KFC where I first had to establish that I didn't need any stinkin' biscuits that had to cook for another 10 minutes, got my bag of chicken and the wrong receipt which took her 5 tries to figure out where the pience of paper was that I was supposed to have gotten.

Good Lord. I don't know which of my ruling stars are crossed, but for crying out loud I hope they get themselves straightened out before I end up getting blood poisoning from the stapler.

Thank heavens for little dogs. When all the world is spinning wildly out of control, nothing can make things right as well as the greeting you get when you finally make it back to the house and your 3 biggest fans launch themselves at you with joyful abandon. If you ever need to feel like you matter, get yourself a dog.

Thankfully, this day is drawing to a close. Hope lives eternal that tomorrow will be a better day. If I just don't oversleep.


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