Wednesday, February 15, 2006

So Much for Setting Examples

I had hopes. They've been dashed. I wanted my puppies to learn from their big sister Xana. She's got ten years of experience with this family and knows what's what. She can read my moods before I even know I'm getting one. She has a big vocabulary. She sits up in my, excuse me our, bedroom and eavesdrops by means of the monitor I have installed in Mother's bedroom downstairs. If I use the word "supper" or "walk" or "outside" or any one of the other words that she is particularly fond of while talking to Mother, I hear a distant thump as she jumps out of bed and then the clamor of dog feet coming down the stairs.

I also watched her interact with Bebop for years. They would put their heads together and then give me a speculative look. I knew I was in for it, because plans had been made and Bebop knew how to get what he wanted anytime he wanted it.

I figured Xana would take the lead dog position and pass on the good stuff she had learned to the babies.

So far it hasn't worked out quite as I had anticipated. Instead of the babies learning to do their bizness outside, following big sis's example, Xana has instead decided that if they can get away with pooping and puddling in the house, why shouldn't she?

King Mojo has continued to howl whenever he is displeased with something. Coco, who for the longest time never opened her mouth, is now howling with him. And lately, Xana has added her voice to the cacophony. Xana has never howled in the ten years she's been with us, but she sure is howling now.

So just who is setting the example for whom? That Mojo is something else and I'm living in fear for where we're headed. He's just coming up on 10 months old and is already running things. Can you imagine what I'm going to be living with in another year or two? Holy Mother of dog.


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Anonymous said...

Dogs of the world unite! Now is the time to take over! We attack at dawn... spare no dry rugs... chew the shoes... victory is ours!