Thursday, February 23, 2006

New Family Heirloom

I fear that I am embarking on a new collection. A few weeks ago I went to a presentation of the Bastrop County Historical Society on the subject of McDade pottery. My reason for attending was that the original McDade pottery was founded by a great-great-great granduncle, Matthew Dunkin. Many of the Dunkin/Mobley kinfolk were involved in the various potteries that operated around McDade in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

We already had a few pieces of McDade pottery, purchased new by relatives and passed down the line to their descendants. What I learned at the presentation made me view those heirlooms with a little more appreciation. I may just have to do a little more research and write an article on the history of the potteries for the family newsletter.

One of the pieces displayed that night was a two handled jug that the speaker described as a rare piece. She had paid several hundred dollars for it. I was surprised last week while idly surfing around EBAY to see its twin on the auction block. I never expected to win the auction, but the stars were with me and it's now mine. I picked it up this afternoon from the lady's house in Austin.

It gives me a lot of satisfaction to bring family items back into family hands. It seems right at home, sitting under the little table that Burl Mason used to dole out pay to the ranch hands. Nice little addition to the family treasures.

I just hope this doesn't start something expensive.


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