Saturday, February 04, 2006

Go, Sister Mary

I watch Good Morning America while I get dressed in the morning. For the last couple of weeks they have been promoting their Super Bowl giveaway to be awarded to the "Greatest Football Fan". Naturally there were the daily video clips of pudgy, middle-aged men making total asses of themselves in their bids to be named the greatest football fan.

I wasn't at all interested in the story and didn't pay much attention to any of the hoopla leading up to yesterday's announcement of the winner. But they surprised me with a story worth hearing. The greatest football fan turned out to be a nun. Yep, Sister Mary, the chaplain at St. Vincent's Hospital in Indiana. Who could have predicted that one?

She was nominated by co-workers and friends at the hospital and was completely floored when the news crew sprang out at her in a hospital corridor. She was whisked away in a limo, given two prime tickets to Sunday's game, and had dinner with one of her favorite players last night. She was a happy lady and you could tell that everyone there was happy for her.

It was a pleasant change to see a prize like this awarded to a truly deserving person. You can watch some of the video here. Once in awhile things turn out the right way.


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