Thursday, September 29, 2005

Feelings Alliterative

I believe it was Dorothy Parker who made the memorable comment about Katherine Hepburn's performance in a Broadway play to the effect that "Miss Hepburn ran the gamut of emotions from A to B". That put me in mind of the gamut of emotions I've run into this week. I decided to see how many of these emotions could be expressed by words beginning with the letter "A".

Agoraphobic - For a short period of time, Central Texas seemed as crowded as the New York subway. I certainly am glad that our area extended welcoming arms to the folks fleeing Hurricane Rita. It was just surprising how quickly you felt the effect of so many additional folks sharing your space.

Anxious - For all the pets who suffered along with their humans and the wild animals who had no way to escape.

Annoyed & Aggravated - Just when you think the world has made remarkable strides in the past thirty years, you run into a good old boy who can't stand it when an intelligent woman dares to consider herself his equal. When will they learn that they aren't hurting us smart girls nearly as much as they would like to think. To the contrary, they hurt themselves by destroying all respect they might have had before they opened their mouths. I still think it boils down to an insecurity and resentment that certain women are figuratively better endowed in the cojones department, let alone the mental department.

Argumentative - See the previous paragraph. I don't take that kind of treatment lying down.

Amenable & Agreeable - I'm really not that hard to get along with. Just treat me fairly and with respect.

Amused - It's really funny after you've slept on it. How pathetic they are.

Appreciative - Of the men in my life who have never tried to make me feel like I'm second class.

Amiable - There's nothing like getting together with a couple of old girl friends for lunch.

Affectionate - There's nothing like the greeting you get from a trio of adoring puppies when you arrive home in the evening.

Avid - The new seasons of my favorite television shows have finally begun. Something new to watch!

Anal - It drives me crazy when someone else gets in my kitchen and puts something in a different place than it belongs.

Apathetic - The only word for how you feel after a 30-minute reflexology session and a 60-minute massage. The rest of the world can go hang.

Aquisitive - Ebay, here I come.

I guess old Dorothy's assessment of Kate's acting might not have been as cutting as she intended. You can cover a lot of emotional ground without ever getting to the "B"s.


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