Sunday, July 17, 2005

Double, double, toil and trouble

I hate May and July. Those are heavy work months for me and I spend a lot of Sundays working, when I would rather be napping with the puppies. (I did sneak in a 1/2 hour nap today, cuddling the two babies, regardless of the piles of work staring me in the face.) Personal time during those two months is pretty much nil, so I get even more behinder than usual in answering my email, following up on my research leads, and cleaning the house.

In a bid for a moment of freedom, I took myself off to the Hallmark Shop yesterday to attend the 2005 ornament premiere. I try to get my annual collectible ornaments purchased on that weekend to take advantage of the extra points you get for buying at the premiere. I hauled away a bag full of ornaments.

Sometimes I wish I weren't so honest. When I got home and began to review what I had purchased, I discovered that I had not been charged for 10 of the ornaments. (No wonder I thought I had gotten off cheap this year.) I had been waited on by two clerks, one ringing up and one bagging, and all I can figure is that some got bagged before they got rung. So Tuesday I have to return to the scene of the crime and pay up. My conscience might have excused one missed ornament, but it's hard to ignore 10 at the prices those things cost. All I can say is I hope they were more on the ball the rest of the time. There are a lot of folks out there that would just chortle to themselves and let the store take the loss. Not me. I would hear my grandparents clucking their tongues from the other side. I have enough on my mind without that.

I'm not looking forward to Monday either. I have to take the babies in for shots and I already dread having to hurt them, however briefly and for however good a cause. Mojo tangled with a couple of fire ants this weekend and cried until Mom found the culprits and dispatched them. I can't stand for the little guy to be unhappy. He had his first lesson with the leash today and it was an utter failure. As soon as he realizes he's tied, he starts doing his imitation of a catfish on the hook. Flip, flop, flutter and squeal. He ended up getting carried while the other two enjoyed their walk. He was utterly content to cruise down the street cuddled against Mom. No, he's not spoiled.

To round out the day, Mother got it in her head that she was supposed to go to the vet's with me tomorrow and fell while trying to get a dress out of the closet. Did I mention I threw my back out yesterday? After a day of Advil and heat, it was almost back to normal. It remains to be seen how much ground I lost hauling her up.

So today was pretty much a pain in the back, except for the 1/2 hour nap. And the periodic breaks to play with the babies. And the rain, which we sorely needed. How I look forward to August.


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