Monday, May 30, 2005

In Memory

On this Memorial Day, I remember those in my family who served in the military:

Veterans of the Revolutionary War
James B. Rylee
John Henry Lentz

Veteran of the War for Texas Independence
Jacob G. Lentz

Veteran of the Mexican War
Henry Clay Lentz

Veterans of the Civil War, Confederate
Joseph Sheppard Mobley
Hezekiah Madison Mobley
Stephen Mobley
Andrew Jackson Mobley
William Peter Mobley
James Monroe Morgan
Richard Morgan
George Washington Sewell
George Washington Huddleston
Thomas Young Huddleston
Joseph W. Huddleston
Gabriel Moore Lentz
Ashley Rozelle Lentz
Thomas Hansen Lentz
William W. Frankum
William T. Frankum
Samuel V. Frankum
Albert McAfee

Veterans of the Civil War, Union
Jacob McAfee
Charles E. McAfee
George Washington Huddleston

Veteran of the Indian Wars
Albert McAfee

Non-wartime Naval service, 1909
Elmo Elisha Hodge (enlisted as Frank Stanford)

Veteran of World War I
Jesse J. McAfee

Veterans of World War II
Charles Benner
Clarence Benner
Arvid Benner
Archie Benner
George Benner
Herbert Hodge Burch

Veterans of the Korean War
Donald Wilcoxen
Chester Dwight Lamb
Jesse S. Bell
Allen Earl McVay

I'm sure there are others whose service records I have not yet discovered. To those who gave their service to and especially to those who gave their lives for their country, thank you.


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