Thursday, December 30, 2004


One of my co-workers just stopped in for a visit and spoke about the tamales his mother had made for the holidays. Made my mouth water.

The only (really) good tamale is a home-made tamale. If you've ever had good home-made tamales, you'll never again be satisfied with those pale imitations you find in the grocery store.

Where I grew up, one of the churches sold tamales as a fund-raiser. Before designated weekends, the women of the church would gather together and make tamales. That Saturday would bring the whole town out to buy tamales by the dozens. They were so good, they would bring tears to your eyes. The hot ones would bring tears to your eyes for an additional reason. Gosh they were good.

Occasionally a friend will bring me some home-made tamales. I savor each bite. You just can't get them like Mama made anymore, unless your Mama still makes them. Little bites of heaven. Yum.


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